fever dream 64

i was Brought to my knees

As i found myself standing alone

everlasting tears, stained by Sorrow

you were lost, as was i

Even so



IoD | Zenosyne

It’s actually just after you’re born that life flashes before your eyes.

Entire aeons are lived in those first few months when you feel inseparable from the world itself, with nothing to do but watch it passing by.

At first, time is only felt vicariously, as something that happens to other people. You get used to living in the moment, because there’s nowhere else to go. (more…)

Implacable Spring

Spring knocks.

You hid, waiting for it to eventually blow over

Planting your head in the snow

Only seemed to fill it with sorrow and penitence


You told me about your worries

The best I could offer was superficially optimistic advice

When in actuality it was those words that I wanted to hear from you

The Sun rises.


Velvet Morning

900 Days

I will wait for you

I will weep for you

I will sleep for you

I will dream for you

I will be tormented for you

Because the worth of my life

Will be decided in 900 days.

Just Fine Again Today

The reverberating ticking noise of the second-hand.

The alarm clock that rings at 7:00 am.

News that sounds all too familiar.

Puffer coat and muffler.

The smell of morning.

Little white clouds exhaled by people walking past.

The train that arrives at 7:45 am, and the platform’s tired atmosphere full of yawning and sighing.

Meaningless chit-chat, and music spilling out from another’s headphones.

Hurried shuffling of feet, and footsteps walking upstairs.

Scratching of pens, and the winter sky.

The usual classroom.

Someone’s lip balm falling from the desk and rolling on the floor.

A ragged comics magazine worn out from being rolled.

An answer sheet thrown away in the trash can.

Coffee milk on the sidewalk.

The quiet stillness after school.

The video rental store’s bargain sales, and Christmas songs blaring out from speakers.

An arcade fighter 50p per play.

The hustle and bustle of the city in December, walking this way and that way,

People, people, people.

The sound of someone calling my name behind my back.



The comics corner of the convenience store.

Low-sugar canned coffee.

Pitch black room.

Cold dinner.

News that sounds all too familiar.

The alarm clock set at 7:00 am.

I am…

Just fine again today.

Too Late

I saw you in the summer
You sent my heart aflutter
Compared to your blinding brightness
My shadow seemed much darker

I ran after you
Not knowing the pain I would bring
I chased after you
Hoping you would forgive my sting

You took my hand
A feeling so sublime
I was so happy
I had made it in time

I saw you in the winter
You tore my heart asunder
While wasting away in my emptiness
You seemed to have found another

I stared at the starless sky
Hoping to find an answer
I even have nightmares while slumbering
Of you dreaming beside another

You took his hand
Perhaps it was fate
That he was on time
And I was too late

SITS | Joji – Chloe Burbank Volume 1

I’ve always loved to listen to and discover music whenever I have the time to. My music tastes have changed quite a lot over the years, I’ve recently been listening to more melancholic and meaningful songs rather than electronic music that everybody seems to love.

This very first series of mine will be called stuck in the sound —named after the French indie rock band of the same name— and will be where I discuss some songs that I really like and analyse their lyrics to find the meanings hidden within them.

Chloe Burbank Volume 1 is the first mixtape by George Miller under the name of Joji. There are only two singles on the mixtape, which are “Thom” and “you suck charlie”.

You can listen to them here and here.

Both these songs are brilliantly filled with aesthetic with “Thom” being more based in rap whereas “you suck charlie” has a more melancholic vibe to it.